Today, Wednesday the 20th, former Vice President Joe Biden will be sworn in and supported as the 46th President of the United States. In weeks, if not days, Connecticut Education Commissioner Dr. Miguel Cardona (pictured below), before the Senate to be confirmed as Minister of Education. What are Cardona and Biden’s prospects for edtech?

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Given Cardona’s history, there is some – but very little – understanding of the collection. The first language of Cardona, the grandson of the Puerto Rican traveller, was Spanish. She started improving her English in kindergarten. He spent his childhood outdoors in Meridian, Connecticut, attending a local school.

Department of Energy Jobs
Department of Energy Jobs

After receiving a four-year certification in educational research from the Central University of Central Connecticut, he assumed the position of fourth-grade instructor at Israel’s Putnam Primary School in Meridian. After six years of earning a Masters degree in bilingual and bicultural education from the University of Connecticut, Cardona was promoted to principal and held the post for the next ten years. He has received a PhD in education.

Cardona took up another position as administrator for Meridian’s instruction and acceptance from 2015 to 2019 and also filled this in as an addition to UCONN. In August 2019, he was appointed as Connecticut Education Officer by Governor Ned Lamont.

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Much of what can be gleaned about Edtech and Cardona’s arrangement for Biden stems from his time as commissioner. Biden of Edtech: As Commissioner, Cardona continues to work to bridge the digital divide and promote justice under Covid-19

Commissioner Cardona is responsible for the Connecticut school framework (number five in the US for K-12) and plays the role of a hero for government-funded education and inclusion. However, most of his stay has been taken over by the need to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When Biden tried to determine his name, as expected for his initiation, his bureaucrats stood before the Senate. Biden’s offices will be the most diverse in history, including Miguel Cardona, Xavier Betzera, Pete Buttigieg and Alejandro Mallorca.

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At the time Covid-19 exploded, about a quarter of the state-funded schools of Connecticut did not yet have proper study equipment. In many networks, more than 33% of students do not have a high-speed network at home. The combination of the government and a generous $ 68 million fund has allowed the country to fill that void. The leading organization Lamont, where Cardona studied, turned out to be the main country in the United States where computerized partitions were closed.

Removal of restrictions on maintaining open schools

During Covid-19, Cardona set its main goal to keep schools open to students. He defied calls from teachers’ associations to close the school and demanded that others in the class continue. Currently, approximately 33% of Connecticut public students are able to take classroom courses. As can be seen from the various proclamations by Biden for edtech, this reflects the goals of the approaching organization.

In addition to this work, Cardona is also the school’s director of integration and diversity. It has a conscious history of sanctioning schools. During his career, he has never lifted sanctions, nor has he been asked to confirm a new one.

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