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Learning Management Systems
Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems course update interval

With this new device, administrators can set course reloads to reprogram courses after a certain amount of time. This is useful when students need to teach a subject. On the customer side, this is indicated in repeated courses as “Course history”. For administrators, notes for recently loaded courses can be found under Reports – Course Details – Selecting Channels to Update / Repeat Course. To indicate updates / iterations this option can be added to Content – Courses.

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History of restoration courses

Students can now view their course history in courses that have an emphasis on automatic toppings and have been taken on a variety of occasions. Includes potential for progress reports, dates, grading and accreditation if available. Given by students at LMS – My courses are on course cards that have different repetitions.

Coming soon banners for courses

Currently, students will see a bluish green banner with the text “Deadline Coming Soon” for courses to be completed within the next 30 dates. These are kept by the student under “My Courses” in the LMS, such as “Records”.

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