In order to plan the most ideal online training course, the mentor must be able to see the experience from the student’s point of view. Is the cycle easy to learn? Will the scene show people perfect skills at the right time? To answer these questions before problems arise, it is ideal to create student profiles that you can use to prepare students.

Personal Profile for Students
Personal Profile for Students

Not all students are created equal and preparation must reflect and correct these differences. During this cycle, we will create background stories on how the three profiles discovered web-based training, what role they play in the organization, what they need, and possible e-learning answers to their goals.

By providing three profiles of potential students using multichannel media, we can see how they explore each other differently through the Learning Management System and why training courses should be planned with this profile in mind.

Personal Profile for Students

First, we need to look at the sales staff preparing the deal as this is a common situation in many associations. Here’s a quick rundown: He found preparation when Google looked at “web-based subscription agreement” and checked out this website. Its main purpose is to find deals and use them in preparation for closing more deals. With this data, we can answer possible e-learning answers for him. This can include:


Because sales reps can focus on device-related meetings, portable entry to training frameworks may be a higher priority than different jobs. It also gives them the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere.


By breaking down data into smaller, simpler bits, sales representatives can quickly access data as part of their routine workday activities. There are many approaches to making micro-learning engaging, taking only into account preparation time, tests, short notes, infographics, or e-books.

HR representative

For our profile below, we will examine HR agents who have diverse groups with different skills and who were recommended by their peers for this training. He’s looking for an image, a virtual onboard meter that works remotely! Your participation in eLearning could look something.

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Complete courses and assessments

For people who are locally suitable and accessible remotely, enrollment-focused courses are essential. These sections can be any type of organization or exercise, but should carefully cover how the main components of the work area to be completed. Here are some basic inclusion thoughts to get you started:

Organization outline and basis

  • The main job
  • Show an innovation or clear framework if important
  • If necessary, prepare articles
  • Persistence / Morality / Racial Training

Rank, badge, or certificate

Verification is an excellent student drawing method. These can come in many structures, but normal ones include hierarchy, identification, or will. These are great questions to ask during the LMS frame demo. She’s a great example of how to know what to look for before you buy!

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