A loyal generation of the United States, highly valued by Verizon funding, has announced that they will partner with the College of Southern Nevada to offer students two licensed online degrees for free. The new entry includes a trail of IT help desk technicians and digital marketing analysts.

Southern Nevada College

Southern Nevada College serves Las Vegas and Clark County. It offers many degrees and certificates, 26 of which can be searched completely online. The Digital Marketing and Information Support degree are offered free of charge at Southern Nevada College with support from Generation USA. Whereas Age USA was founded in 2020. It offers free web-based training, coveted skills, and supported careers in urban communities in the United States.

Southern Nevada College
Southern Nevada College

“We are ready to work with Generation USA to give our students the extra support and assets they need to progress after graduation. It is a corporate and industrial organization that aims to bring graduates of our Change career program,” said Dr. Federico Zaragoza, president of the College of Southern Nevada, in a proclamation.

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“We are confident that our students will expand their range of services and benefit as much as possible from the contribution of this new web-based training, which is in line with our primary goal of enabling students and our network to reach, succeed and grow.

Verizon pledged to train 500,000 people in the digital workforce by 2030.

Limited contributions are possible with the help of Verizon. Through Verizon’s Citizen business, the organization aims to prepare 500,000 people to “have the opportunity to arrange paid work within a quarter of a year of graduation,” as stated on the company’s website. Resident Verizon also offers online courses in select urban communities.

According to Generation USA, Verizon has committed to investing $ 44 million in the company over “a few years”.

“We are ready to partner with the College of Southern Nevada to draw students into their own careers,” said Sean Segal, CEO of Generation USA. “We not only create these students for advanced world careers, but we also provide them with social guidance and administration, while creating an organizational organization to help with graduate placements.”

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