Nvidia’s 30-series graphics cards have been hot items since its launch last year. The COVID-19 epidemic encouraged PC gamers to shout for graphics cards that could run games that topped smooth frame rates. Now, you have to be lucky to get one – or snatch up enough document coin revenue to accept the ridiculous markup currently going on in the secondary market.

But despite its desktop shortcomings, Nvidia has previously announced laptop-specific RTX3050 and RXT3050D graphics cards, and they can provide serious performance improvements to computers at an affordable price.

RTX 3050 Graphics Card for Cheap Gaming Laptops

Today’s announcement includes both the RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti. As the name RTX implies, these graphics cards enable ray tracing technology when playing compatible games. For those unfamiliar, radiation tracking hit major computer gaming in 2018. The film comes from the world of special effects, and provides a realistic way to provide the most realistic graphics and lighting effects for the game. Since its launch in 2018, it has become essential for high-end gaming and has expanded to the next gen gaming console, including the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Nvidia’s new RTX3050 and RTX3050D are designed for laptops only, meaning they do not have the same source processing power as high-end desktop models. The 3050 series offers 4GB of video memory, which is lower than its older siblings and has fewer processing cores overall. However, this should not come as a surprise. They are made for very affordable laptops that control both body space and budget.

Nvidia Ge-force RTX 3050 graphics card

While the hardware firewall is relatively non-existent, the 3050-series cards can still trigger a major gaming boost. According to Nvidia, the slightly higher 3050D, Call of Duty: Warson, Watchdog: Legion and Minecraft can emit more than 60 FPS, a major aesthetic improvement in the presence of radiation tracking.

Framerate is important for modern gaming as more frames per second create a smoother experience. With the 3050-series card, achieving optimal smoothness means that the graphics run at very high quality and less than resolution. However, cards can perform better than their hard profiles. Enabled by Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, the engine can run games at low resolutions with high frame rates.

However, at the same time, the hardware can analyze the image on the screen and use artificial intelligence to enhance the image beyond your expected quality settings. Unfortunately, not all games now support DLSS, but many popular titles support it.
Cheap Gaming Laptops Get Better Chops

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Nvidia claims that laptops running the new RTX 3050 graphics card will start from just 79 799. It is also very affordable for non-gaming laptops. Of course, when you start with the basic model, you should not expect the full benefits of hardware capabilities. Manufacturers can adjust the output of the card to suit the power consumption and heat dissipation requirements of a given laptop.

So, if you buy a lean machine that has less room to cool down inside, you certainly won’t reach the number that Nvidia offers. However, these cards represent a great performance tab in almost every category compared to popular cards such as the older GTX 1650D. In addition, Samsung recently announced its new Galaxy Book Odyssey engine, which starts at ₹ 1,399 and includes the RTX 3050-series card. We will follow many more machines in the coming months.

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