A new study published today reveals some of the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on your health. The study looked at more than 32,000 people over three years and found that e-cigarette use increases the risk of chronic lung disease, asthma, and bronchitis. improved. by 30 percent. The study also found that many smokers who try e-cigarettes end up using pens and regular cigarettes.

Disadvantages of e-cigarette

Dr Joseph Thompson of the Center for Health Promotion in Arkansas said more than 2,400 people across the country fell ill while using the device and 52 died. I think this research is important because the CDC has documented many causes of illness and death. This is the first study to say that after two years, COPD and emphysema occur in people who use e-cigarettes.

disadvantages of electronic cigarettes
disadvantages of electronic cigarettes

And if they still use cigarettes and cigarettes, it’s even more likely than if they just used cigarettes. Nearly 30 percent of high school students across the country use e-cigarettes. Doctors encourage parents to talk to children about the potential harm vaping pens can pose.

Heat allergies and their allergens can be triggered in people with asthma, and while pills or inhalers work for most people, some people don’t get relief from traditional treatments. That’s probably because they don’t actually have a senior asthma health correspondent, Monica Robbins, who has been reporting on common misdiagnosis and new approaches to air purification for more than a decade.

Unique electronic cigarettes

Maybe going up five steps you know it’s really hard for me and hard to breathe and at one point I was totally dependent on oxygen after I got a dangerous case of bacterial pneumonia he saw a pulmonologist who realized he really had to go. try in gastroenterology is to take a step back and say if there is a root cause of these lung symptoms and whether it is possible to have asthma.

Extensive research has uncovered the true cause of Michelle’s breathing problems, she actually has multiple gastroesophageal reflux disease and non-acid or germs can often worsen or be mistaken for asthma and recognizing and treating reflux is often the solution to uncontrolled breathing problems. which, in my rough estimate, causes an unusual amount of reflux in about 70 to 75 percent of these patients, which often contributes while some reflux is normal, becoming a problem in the lungs as gastric contents move up the esophagus and down the throat, allowing fluid to flow.

Flows into the airways and into the lungs, which can cause a variety of symptoms including a hoarse cough, coughing, shortness of breath, pneumonia, lifestyle changes or medications in Michelle Fall: Surgery can prevent Stomach contents from getting into the lungs Coughing outside.

Electronic cigarettes disadvantages

It feels like day and night experts say gerd is often uncontrolled as reflux is not always acidic which means it doesn’t cause heartburn or the indigestion associated with it but if left untreated it can have harmful long term effects like increased risk of esophageal cancer and lung damage permanent. So, if you have an uncontrolled cough or asthma that gets worse, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor and ask questions. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes avoid many of the health risks of smoking by offering a healthy alternative.

While these devices may help some people quit smoking, there is growing evidence that e-cigarettes can pose serious health risks, especially for people who don’t smoke traditional cigarettes.

A trusted CDCT source advises against vaping when people are children or young adults, is pregnant. You have never smoked or tried to quit.

Health disadvantages of electronic cigarettes

7 reasons to avoid e-cigarettes:

1. Usually contains nicotine

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is dangerous because:

forming a habit
affects brain development, which lasts until about age 25
can harm the fetus during pregnancy

2. They contain other poisons

The American Lung Association lists a number of toxins found in e-cigarettes in addition to nicotine. Among others are:

Carcinogens such as acetaldehyde and formaldehyde
Acrolein, a weed killer that can cause permanent lung damage
Benzene, a compound found in car exhaust
Diacetyl, a chemical linked to bronchiolitis, a condition sometimes referred to as “popcorn lung.”
Propylene glycol is used in antifreeze
hazardous metals such as lead and cadmium
other small particles that can enter the lungs
Many of them are also found in conventional cigarettes.

3. Quitting smoking can be harder

People who switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic products may delay medical treatment or try help that is proven to help quit. This can slow or even prevent a person from quitting smoking. A 2016 study by a trusted source found that people who use or have used e-cigarettes are less likely to quit smoking altogether.

4. They cause cigarette smoke

Vaping creates cigarette smoke. Since e-cigarettes often contain the same chemicals as traditional cigarettes, the smoke when vaping can be toxic to those around you.

5. You shouldn’t forbid young people to smoke

The marketing of e-cigarettes and their flavors can give the impression that vaping is harmless. This message could tempt people, including teens, to start vaping. However, vaping early on can increase the chances of smoking regular cigarettes later in life. According to a 2017 study, teens who use e-cigarettes are more likely to start smoking regular tobacco products later than their peers.

6. Can damage the brain

In young people, nicotine use can damage the reward system in the brain. Over time, this can make using other drugs like cocaine more pleasurable, according to reliable sources from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

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In addition, nicotine use can affect areas of a young person’s brain that are responsible for attention and learning. It can also increase your risk of developing mood disorders and impulse control problems.

7. Experimental use may be more dangerous

Experimenting with different ways of using vaping ingredients can be riskier. The NIDA Trusted Source cites the practice of “dripping” as an example. This involves inhaling a dripped solution directly onto the heating coil “for a harder blow in the throat”. The specific risks of this practice remain unclear.

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