To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we take a look at the work of the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham (LAET) supporting the mental health of students with funds raised by clubs.

Mental Health Awareness

LAET is the sixth form of public funding for club campuses and offers talented local students the best opportunity to reach the best universities in the country.

Earlier this year, the club sold more than 30,000 items this season, including the boots Hyung-min Son wore in the north London derby, Musa Sissoko’s jersey and the Karachi Cup semi-final with Ledley King for Skywalk.

Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness

Pierre-Emile Hodgeberg spoke with Paul Spokes, the leading head of mental health and wellness at LAET, about how the funds were used to provide two mental health advisors in the school.
Tottenham Hotspur Twitch presenters Matt Dore and Rebecca Walker had the opportunity to speak to students at school and explain the importance of talking to someone about mental health and LAET is very supportive of this. Etc

Paul said: “It was great to be able to have mental conversations with Pierre. It is interesting that, as people from different backgrounds, we find common ground in our conversations. Mental health work is facilitated by positive role models. And I want to thank Pierre and Spurs for such an open discussion.”

Importance of mental health awareness

Pierre, who donated a pair of worn shoes to a fundraising auction, said: “Many people have been or are struggling with mental health issues during this epidemic. Mental health and its meaning is so important that we continue to break the stigma of mental health and ask for help. It was great to talk to Paul and learn more about the amazing work LAET is doing – making it clear that students will really benefit from the support available.

Student Rachel Oloid O’Meara said: “When it comes to mental health, make sure we have support. Before we retire they always send us a list of resources. When we’re not in school, there’s still some really significant support.”

Student Joe Parker commented: “Having access to people at home and at school is important. It is very important to be accessible to everyone. The truth is everyone knows Mr. Spooks is someone to turn to.”

Mental health awareness article

Mental Awareness Week is an opportunity to start a conversation about mental health and the things that affect it in our daily lives. During COVID-19 infection, mentally ill children and teens are more likely to say the lockdown has made their lives worse.

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With funding from Tottenham Hotspur and Highgate School, LAE Tottenham was recently named Sixth Form College of the Year on Sunday this year, with 66% of students at the university having A Level results that year, including sixth and fifth. Oxford at Cambridge.

This achievement is even more significant in an environment where the school is located in one of the most underdeveloped 2% of the country, where 63% of students belong to two groups of people. , – described as living on a “battlefield” or in “difficult conditions” – using ACORN tools for socio-economic analysis. Around 200 school families are currently supported by the school poverty fund.

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